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Welcome to the WikiEdit

Welcome to the Shadowgun Wiki. Here you can find everything you need to know about Shadowgun and its multiplayer counterpart, Shadowgun:Deadzone. And if you can't find something, feel free to click the Contribute button at the top of the page!

About the gameEdit

Shadowgun and Shadowgun: Deadzone are both immensely popular games for iOS and Android, created by Madfinger Games.


Game TrailersEdit

SHADOWGUN DEADZONE Launch Trailer (iOS Android)01:01

SHADOWGUN DEADZONE Launch Trailer (iOS Android)

SHADOWGUN DeadZone 200:59

SHADOWGUN DeadZone 2.0 Official Trailer

IPhone iPad SHADOWGUN Official Launch Trailer - 28th September00:54

IPhone iPad SHADOWGUN Official Launch Trailer - 28th September

Latest activityEdit

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