The Sh*tstorm 1 is a Rocket launcher type weapon in Shadowgun:Deadzone. This weapon is best used for medium range battles as using it in short range could inflict damage on the user, while using the weapon for long range fights may prove to be detrimental as the accuracy of the weapon does not allow the projectile to fly in a straight line. A common method employed by most players would be to zoom in on the reticle of the weapon and move subsequently. Upon meeting the enemy, the player immediately fires the projectile, therefore giving the enemy little time to react and gaining a huge amount of damage in the process. Another common tip for players to use this weapon is to fire the projectile on the ground surrounding the opponent instead of firing the projectile at the opponent itself. The low accuracy increases the chance of the bullet missing the opponent's body. Firing on the floor causes splash damage from the projectile to inflict damage on the opponent. In some cases, this method is able to kill the opponent in one shot, and the chances of it happening is increased when rocket launchers of higher accuracy are used, such as Sh*tstom II and Redeemer. Despite its low accuracy, this makes the weapon satisfactory in cases of when the player itself or the opponent is lagging. This is so as the position of the opponent cannot be determined accurately, hence the bullet has a higher chance of hitting the opponent and giving him damage.


"Even the Devil would say this weapon is just not fair... Sh*tstorm is excessive in all areas. An anti-personnel missile should have 50lbs of TVD? Sh*tstorm has 340lbs. A missile should have a fragmentary or incendiary charge? Why not both at once? Sh*tstorm offers certainty... the certainty of death..."